Emergency Support for any WordPress/WooCommerce Issues

Malware attack? 404 / 503 Errors? Blank / Whitespace? Nothing to worry about!

If your site is broken or you need to get emergency support for any specific WordPress issue, we are here for you.

No matter If your website is attached by malware or you are having any database error or any kind of Error that needs a quick solution, then this is the right plan for You.

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Emergency Services We Provide

Malware Removal

Are you suffering from malware problems on your WordPress /WooCommerce site? We can Fix that for You.

404 / 503 Error

Getting a 404 error or 503 Error on your WordPress site? We can fix that in a short time.

White Screen Error

Both PHP errors and database errors can trigger a white screen / blank screen with no further information. But, not a matter to us.

Internal Server Error

Internal server error in WordPress is often caused by plugin or theme functions. We can Fix that for You.

Error Establishing a Database Connection

Your website is failing to communicate to your WordPress database. We know the right dialing to your database.

Connection Timed Out Error

This happens when your WordPress site is trying to do more jobs than your server can handle. Let us take care of that.

Unable to Access the Admin Area

Lost your keys to the door of your office (WordPress site we meant)? We can make a duplicate key for you in a very short time.

Stuck in Maintenance Mode

WordPress maintenance mode might be stuck if there’s some type of conflict. We can make peace here.

Choose Your Plan


We will Fix 1 Malware/Error (mentioned above) on your Website


    We will Fix up to 3 Malware/Errors (mentioned above) on your Website
      £ 100


      We will Fix all / any kind of Errors (mentioned above) and make your website Clean
        £ 200